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Paragons Personalities

This page will have a list of key personalities in the game, expanded as players discover them.


Demetro, Special Agent Willis

Willis Demetro is

Ellis, Rudy

Rudy Ellis is a key scientist in PRAs 'Paranormal Studies and Research' department. During the characters time at the academy he oversaw the testing which determined the extent of their powers. Rudy has undertaken extensive studies of each of the characters, and helped them train to bring themselves to peak performance. It was a common joke that Rudy got to poke the characters more than their wives or girlfriends, and Rudy probably has a store of paragon blood used for some obscure testing. Rudy has a love for Starbucks lattes.

Laymark, Gordon 

Gordon Laymark is assistannt directory of the PRA, but in reality he's 'the man on the ground'. Gordon appears to be responsible for the day to day operations at the PRA. He ensures cases and operations are handled correctly. You have never met the director, but you have heard of him. In addition to being Director of the PRA Oscar Gensen is also the second senator for the state of Texas and a close friend of the Presedents. As far as you know he's never been anywhere near a PRA facility.

Patriot, The

Lieutenant Kyle Griffin, US Army (a.k.a The Patriot) is a paranormal working for the federal government of the United States of America. He is superhumanly strong and tough and able to fly at great speeds. He is the poster-paragon of the United States government and, to a lesser extent, America itself. The Patriot is ostensibly attached to the Department of Justice, but effectively answers directly to the President.

Paulson, Colonel Dan

Colonel Dan Paulson is