Tales of Four Eyes


A Spirit of the Century Campaign

Tales of Four Eyes


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Why Tales of Four Eyes?

Quite simply when we went through Spirit of the Century character generation the Cult of Four Eyes appeared as an aspect on two seperate characters. Further more every single character had had some dealing with them at some point during their prior adventures. They appeared or were mentioned in three stories out of seven. As such they will be central to the campaign. 

Why a Christian Cult

Put simply all the players are either Christian or athiest. We feel that by representing the adversaries as a extremest spin off from Christianity we avoid unjustly scapegoating any other religion.

The important thing however - The Cult of the Four Eyes are entirely fictional. There is no basis in reality. They were invented as an interesting foil for a series of action adventures.

The Cult (of Four Eyes)

First Appearance

Despite the fact that the Cult will be central to the game I don't want to introduce them in the first adventure. I'm starting with an extrememly combat heavy adventure to allow me to get the hang of combat. The Cult will appear later in 'The Art of Chance' and 'Congo Rally'


We know very little about the cult, but their objectives from previous appearances may offer hints.

  • The seek to recover the Turin Shroud
  • They want to replace the Emperor of Japan
  • They were in some way involved with art theft in Japan


We know that the cult had ties to the Catholic church. That they originated in Europe, possibly Italy or Spain, but are now a global conspiracy.  Rumour has it that the Cult split from the Catholic church in the 1890s. The cult members were troubled by what they saw as false doctrines and malpractices within the Church.  They originatedin Europe, possibly Italy or Spain, but are now a global conspiracy.